Wednesday, June 4, 2014

owls and other finds

I was browsing ravelry the other day and found a great design of an owl granny square!! And as it happens i love owls!! The design was with american definition fo the stitches, and i only know the english version. And yes i was to lazy to look up so i just tried to copy it. They are quite easy and soooo much fun to make :) I do have to make some more and then i will have enough for a cushion cover!

I also made some small turtles for my girls, easy and quick project.

We had a lovely time at the river bank enjoying a picknick, watching boats passing by, waving at them, and my oldest even made a drawing of a boat, offcoarse with her name on it! It was beautifull sunny weather, it almost felt like we were on a holiday, and that only 15 minutes by bike from our home!

Oh and i wanted to show you this find at our thrift store.. only 80 cents, a handpainted glass bowl with mushrooms on it. Isn't it cute :)


  1. Je hoeft niet op vakantie te gaan om het vakantiegevoel te krijgen hoor. Heerlijk hé? Lekker genieten van de gewone dingen, super!

  2. Helemaal mee eens, juist deze kleine dingen maken t leven mooi!!


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