Monday, September 7, 2015

1 down 1 to go

So here i'm sitting down after a busy day, the girls are watching Narnia, the oldest is a bit tired due to a cold. So after a busy day at school time to relax....
i made an ovendish made with leftover vegetables, so no cooking for me tonight!

And it gives me a moment to type a blog.

I finished one mitten! I really like it, i made a few more repeats in de leaf pattern, i have enough yarn, and i like long mittens! It actually has been a bit colder here, and i'm refusing to put the heat on early september, but i was tempted to wear my one mitten as armwarmer. But that would've looked a bit silly..


It's actually quite hard to make a picture of yourself wearing armwarmers... ;) you have to hold your arm in strange positions :)
I love the yarn, it has lots of subtle colors in browns reds and oranges. It's handyed by a fellow raveler!

The pattern is well written and easy to follow. However it doesn't have a chart, it's a written pattern.

And now i have to start the second one, hopefully i won't be bothered by the second mitten syndrome...

On facebook i joined  a group that sells yarns and such. Most of the times i'm not tempted to buy anythin, but then i saw an add for these


It looked interesting, definitely handspun. The seller could only tell it was acryllic. It costed 7 euros.
I took a chance and bought it.  It was almost 1000 grams shiny handspun and handdyed acryllic.  Not something i've seen very often.
Ihave to admit i'm a bit of a yarnsnob, not a big fan of acryllic. But this looked so great and a love the colors!

I decided to dye some drops Fabel white in similar colors. Very simple, cold water and vinegar in my dyepot, adding greens and blues and heat for a while and voila!


And combine two threads while knitting, one wool and one acryllic. I do look the look of this!

once again i decided to knit a topdown cardigan. I'm not much of a pattern knitter... and last few atempts were to big! And i am a big girl (ha but i'm shrinking due to the healty flow i'm in) but not that big. So now i'm trying to knit it a bit smaller!

It's going to be a bit rustic, but i do like the look off it!!


So you'll know what i'll be knitting this week!

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