Sunday, May 3, 2015

ugly dolls

It's been a while since i blogged, i've been busy with loads of things.... not all of those involved knitting and spinning. 

A few weeks ago i came across a message on facebook, about a lady from Tasmania, Sonia Singh, she is the creator of Tree Change Dolls. She buys second hand dolls and removes the make up and changes them into natural girls.

So inspiring!! I've talked about her works and the dolls with my oldest. I showed her one of the dolls, a bratz doll.

And asked if she liked it, she thought the doll looked silly with such big lips and strange eyes. Then i showed her how we could change them. She really liked the ''natural'' dolls Sonia Singh makes.
On the 27th of April we celebrate our king Willem Alexander, it's  a national day with music, parties, and all kinds of activities.
 For us it means waking up quite early around 6:45  to go to the fleamarket in our city. And afterwards we travel to my parents to celebrate my dads birthday!
The flea market was great for searching for ugly dolls. My oldest daughter was a great help in spotting them, hey mom here's another ugly doll!! Saying such things gives funny reactions :)

 We ended up with a few bratz and some barbies. The girls both had some money to spend and had a great time. They did found great new toys. And Josanne really knows about the value of money, when she found something was overpriced, she would say it and walk away!
I still had some acryllic paint and aceton, so the next few days i gave it a try. I can surely say it's hard!!! Especially the eyes, giving them the same shape is so hard!! I still have to find realy fine brushes, the smallest i was able to find where size 2 and i should use size 000.
But it's so much fun to do!! My girls wanted to try to, so they used some very old ugly dolls ;) due to bad hair not really useable for me. So we spend an afternoon together painting our dolls.
And now i found a good use for all those little balls of thin handspun... knitting dolls clothes!!
Here a few before and afters, i still need lots of practise! But they don't look so creepy anymore! And it sure is really fun to do and see the dolls change :)
If anyone has some ugly dolls they don't want anymore.... i would like to take them off your hands ;)


                                              kinda creepy look don't you think....





to be continued....

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