Monday, February 23, 2015

birthday girl

Oh my this has been a busy week! Haven't wrote anything here... Last thursday was the birthday of our oldest! She turned 6, she's getting so big so fast, just the other day i watched some movies we made when she was around one year old... it feels like a decade ago!!

But our girl definitely knows what she wants, she wanted the party for her friends from school on the same day, but she didn't want a very long party.
The theme had to be princesses, and she had one BIG wish..... a pinata!! Offcourse i could make that, right??

We started the weekend before with paper mache and 2 balloons, that wasn't to hard.

 But it dries so slow. But it was finished on her birthday and it was a big hit, all those little princesses hitting with a branch on that pinata. I actually made it quite strong, cause it took them 25 minutes to open it!! We filled it with candy, sparkle bracelets, erasers and hairclips. And home made confetti, which the girls made togheter and enjoyed that a lot. We are a confetti factory mom!!

We had great fun that afternoon, my mom came to help. And she made for all the girls a little cape. We decorated our own crowns, and decorated cupcakes!

The weekend was filled with grandparents visiting for the birthday girl. My dad brought some great spindles!! i will show and tell you about them later this week! Oh and i bought my mom and myself a little orchid, we walked by them in the city. They were so cute! And only 2,99 each!

After the birthday a nasty cold got hold off me,  couhing, headache and soooo cold. But hey as a mom you can't be sick, so i spend quite some time in a chair knitting. While the girls played around me.

And what i was knitting? Something very easy... just improvising.
At ravelry there's a dutch karma swap group, and in a swap i claimed four skeins of Drops Eskimo in a olive green.

  i spend the weekend knitting a bag from it,

put it in the laundry machine, and voila a felted bag.

And now i'm adding little flowers so much funnto do.

I really like these little chamomile flowers.

and now i haven't even told you about my new yarn, the shawl i started with the tosh sock yarn and and... but now it's time to prepare the turnip mashpot for dinner tonight.

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