Thursday, February 5, 2015


I guess two years ago i really wanted to try to make my own spindles. I started out with some branches and special knife. the results weren't very good because the balance was hard to get right.
So when i was browsing, there was a show model lathe with a discount. I decided to buy it.

I really enjoyed the whole process, learning  wood turning. I made quite a few spindles. But it turned out that a family with small children en wood turning don't go well together.
The lathe was in our small shed, so no heating, no place for powertools, so i was limited in my options. And it does produce noise, so turning after the girls went to bed wasn't a very good option either.

So a few months ago i decided to sell my lathe.
But i did learn i can turn wood, eventhough i never had  a class or anything. And it's really cool to see something form into shape with every move of your hand. And safer for my fingers... with the special wood carving knife i actually cut into my finger, and the feeling is still gone on one side...

But when i told my dad he immediately told me he wanted to buy the lathe.
That was a nice surprise, knowing it would stay in the family!
So the lathe, all my wood and tools went to my parents house.

My dad told me he would try to make me some spindles..... and he did!!!

unknown white fiber with sparkle

Soybean top dyed by Mandacrafts colorway peacock

Aren't they great!!! He glued 4 different kinds of woods together, before cutting them. They both spin good, i can spin thin singles on them.

He also helped me out, with another thing.
A while ago i contacted a talented spinning top (the toys) maker, if he could make me a supported spindle. We emailed back and forth about sizes. It tooks weeks but finally a package came. And he clearly didn't understand cause they were HUGE!!! And heavy, with a hook?! Not the idea of a supported spindle.

What to do next?! I asked my dad to downsize them, the wood was really nice, it would be a shame to not try t make something from it.

And look

He made a little copper point, and they do spin really fast!

So quite a lot to add to the collection off spindles...


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