Wednesday, February 11, 2015

fun things!

Last week we did a lot of fun things, my girls both love to be outdoors, but not when it's cold. We all long for spring and being more outdoors again.

One thing they both enjoy is collecting stones, i gave Josanne my old mineral collection, and she loves it!! But what can be more fun then finding you're own stones with crystals!
She takes a lot after me, because i remember a vacation when i was about 7 i think, i spend the whole vacation with a hammer outside, crushing stones to see what was in them.

But being in the city limits to options to finding rocks.... so i decided to get a bag of pebbles at the home depot. Only € 3,20 for a big bag.  Easyer said then done, 25 kilo's is quite heavy, but Lieke, the pebbles and myself came home on my bike!

So we all could have our pick from the pebbles. Josanne tried to find the ones which would likely have some crystal in them, Lieke collected everything she picked up, just as any 3 year old she sees in everything a treasure. 
I went looking for smooth flat ones to try my luck at rockpainting again.


Here are the girls, looking for hidden gems!

And after that they both got an old toothbrush and some warm soapy water to clean their pebbles.


Painting time .

My results, not spectaculair but we had fun!!!

We also had fun with some beautifull glass beads, which i got from this webshop. We also added some plastic beads, and ironwire.


 we cut of long lengths of iron wire, and put some beads on it.  And put them in our window. It's actually quite hard to take a good picture from it. Josanne says it looks like raindrows. Especially when the sun shines it's really colorful! Like we have a lot of seaglass in our window!


Last year i had a personal shopper, yes really! A friend from ravelry was willing to buy some things at Sostre Grene,  a great shop with decoration, craft materials, and all kinds of lovely things. But the shop is sooo far away.
So that personal shopper was wonderfull. She got me some great things. Teatowels and a thermos flask, and a table!!
Lieke and i decided to put the table was a project for the two of us, it turned out she could do it by herself!

And the end result!! A very cute little table!

oh and i bought yarn, in great colors!! But i will tell you another day, right now it's tea with bisquits time for me and the girls!

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