Sunday, February 15, 2015

sand water and a bit of culture...

Saturday, Saint Valentine's Day. Well we don't give each other gifts, it's a bit to commericial...
but my husband came home friday with a bottle of Mandarinello. The bottle itself looks so happy, i don't want to open it!

In our city Gouda there was a Secret Love Route, you could get a bright pink paper bag at the old city hall, and you'll get an adress, at that place you would get something and get the adress of the next stop. Josanne really wanted to go, so we decided to go on time, because there were only 100 bags...


Our first adress was the cafe at the Gouda Museum, were we got a lovely scone, after that we visited an art galerie, we got a lovely drawing of a couple dancing the tango.

There were backeries, little shops, one of my favorite shops is a chocolate shop, where the make everything by hand, and there we got two of my favorite pieces!
After walking for more then 2 hours, Lieke got a bit tired, so i put her on my bike and Josanne went into all the shops, she loved it to go in by herself. We all enjoyed it, we visited places we never had before!

And today we went to Schoonhoven, a beautifull old city, next to the river called "Lek''. It's just a little trip by bus. It was nice and sunny, not very warm, but nice! At the river are small ''beaches''  perfect for the girls to play and watch the boats go by.


it was lovely, the girls laughing and running around, climbing the rocks. And i brought my sock project along, i did quite a bit of knitting.

We also walked a bit into the city...

Spending so much time out doors, we all are a bit tired.... some more then others (Lieke fell asleep in the bus on our way home) so after dinner and the girls are in bed i'm going to continue with my fair isle kisslock bag

hope you all had a great weekend to!!!


  1. oh what a lovely weekend! Both trips are lovely, just lovely!!
    That bottle of Manderinello does look like a bit of sunshine. As does your knitting, what gorgeous colours! You know how to make the days count :) You do.

  2. What a great day, sunny too. Lovely idea to see (new) places in the city. And a great way to find new shops

  3. Mooi stadje is Schoonhoven he? Heb jullie niet gezien, Wij zijn rond 14.00 uur op de fiets naar mijn moeder gegaan en rijden dan altijd door de stad naar de pont. Om ongeveer 17.00 uur zelfde weg terug.


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