Tuesday, March 10, 2015

a little bit of everything

We had the most amazing warm weather last sunday, we decided to go on a picnic. Again we went to Schoonhoven to spend the afternoon at a little ''beach'' at the river ''Lek".


The girls had an amazing time,  finding little treasures, building dams. Watching the boats passing by. The oldest collected pieces of glass, they aren't as nice as seaglass, but the pieces don't have sharp edges anymore.  I only have to think about a creative way to use them!


I spend a lovely time knitting my second sock on that little beach,

the pattern is so easy to memorize, and i almost finished them. But i needed other needles for the toes.
I also brought spindles and fiber, actually.... i brought a bag full of spindles and fiber ;)  this great bag was custom made for me by a ravelry friend Anijs, it's long enough for my russians and sturdy enough to keep my spindles safe.  And quite big so i can stuff it with fiber.

That afternoon i started on a beautifull merino silk blend. Dyed by Passe-partout on ravelry. It has all kinds of greens, blues and golden yellow.
A bit like a spring feeling translated in fiber. i'm spinning it on my favorite spindle, i love this clear glass tip, when the light falls at a right angle you'll see sparkles in there. The shaft is made of cherry.


Later in the evening i finished my sock, another pair done.


I already strated with pther socks, with the Arne and Carlos yarn.

I tried a new methode of cast on, it's this one from youtube.

i actually had some trouble with it, watching the movie and try to do it at the same time. My fingers felt a bit tangled....
So after a few tries i quited and tried to cast on with out the movie. And somehow it clicked... although i'm not sure what i did was the same.. but it did gave a me stretchy cast on!

And i wanted to show the result of the black bean dyeing. The first fiber turned out very pale blueish grey with green spots. I have no idea how that green happend.
I hoped for a bit darker blue, next time i will use more beans! The colors are actually a bit darker then in the picture.

I had some more mortanded fiber, so put that in. Not sure what to expect. Well they turned out a bit darker more grey purple color...
I do like these soft colors.

Tomorrow my knitting friends are coming, i'm really looking forward to it. Oh and the 21th i'm going to the knit and crochet days. I'm sooo looking forward to that! Spending a day with a bunch off people from ravelry, chatting, knitting, buying yarn...


  1. Leuk blog weer, lekkere gezellige bezigheden en ik kijk ook uit naar weer een ochtendje breien en kletsen hoor.
    Tot strakkies!

  2. heerlijk, zo'n spintas vol met schatten op het strand, samen met je schatjes.
    Prachtige tolpunt!


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