Tuesday, March 31, 2015

enjoying the simple things

So the last few days we've had stormy weather, with gusts of wind... today it was sunny, so i decided to pick up the oldest from school, walk to the river and then..... have fun with plastic bags with a piece of ribbon attached!

On the way to school we saw that a tree was blown down in our street,

so happy with her dandelion!


The wind was very strong, but we had fun!! And so easy and it doens't cost a thing. We made quite a long walk, even got a bit wet by splashing waves...


When we walked home, this was all that was left from that big tree.


Clearly the tree wasn't healthy, when we went to have a look we saw parts that were soft and rotting, you can see the black fungus (the black lines) growing.. strange immediately spalted wood spindles came to mind.


The girls decided the branches were perfect for their hut, they are building one in the backyard.
They picked some nice big ones and carried them home, but then they begged to get more, so off we went again.
They brought back some real big ones. And i couldn't help myself and brought home some small pieces.

On the creative part, i haven't got much to show you... i'm busy knitting a shawl, i spun the yarn myself last tour de fleece, it's a wool bamboo blend in a grey red gradient. 100 grams and 650 meters navajo plied.

At the dutch wool diva group on ravelry we're having a Knit ALong, the goal is knitting a summershawl from a yarn from the dutch wool diva, or knit one of her shawl designs. I'm knitting a simple shawl with a lace border, i thought the gradient would show the most.... but as you can see i'm not very far.

Oh and today i started with an expermint, kntting a pattern with 4 colors at the same time, it's a bit frustrating at times, and tangles and such but i do like the result.

And i have a lot of colors to play with


  1. What a very nice way to enjoy the wind --- the pleasure the girls are having comes across quite well!

    Well you did do a lot of knitting + experimenting

  2. you are a genius, giving your girls so much fun with such easy props! Now I feel like going out with a clear plastic bag myself, giggle in the wind.

    the colours in your crate, for the stranded knitting, I love them very much.


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