Friday, March 20, 2015


Only one more night..... and then... well i'm feeling like a little child.
For some time now i'm looking forward to that day. On that day i wake up very early, get dressed, make coffee, put it in my flask. Get my previously stuffed bag and wish my husband and girls a lovely day and get on my bike to cycle to the trainstation....

Once a year i go to a knitting event, translated the knit and crochet days, and it's tommorow!
I'm looking forward seeing lots of ravelry friends again, looking at all the yarns, and offcourse buy some. Just have a wonderfull day filled with knitting and spinning and of course chatting about knitting and spinning. The fact you're reading my blog, is that you probably also like knitting/ spinning. So you'll probably understand!

About the buying yarn, my funds are limited this time, so i'm really going to be picky, or actually i want to have a purpose for the yarn i buy. So no... oooh i like this colors, let'a buy a skein of that!
I will continue my search for the perfect ochre colored yarn!

Actually i went trough my stash, and found some things that can go to new homes. Also some knitted items, that don't fit, or i don't wear. On ravelry i found some people to swap with.
I'm glad they will use stuff that is lying around here waiting for frogging or....

And about non fitting knitted items, i knitted a few cardigans last year, top down, and somehow they always turned out way to big! I know i'm a big person, but not that big. Especially the shoulder part turned out way to big.
For a while i wanted to try again, cause somehow i find it very frustrating that my cardigans don't fitt.
Remember the vintage yarn i got a few weeks ago very cheap, perfect for a cardigan!!

So i read some free topdown raglan cardigan patterns, finally casted on with 2,75mm. I was aiming for a short cardigan with short sleeves to wear with my fifties inspired dresses.
And someday i will knit a fifties inspired cardigan, i bought some really old dutch woman magazines with loads off patterns in there. I will show you another time.

Back to to cardigan, not a great picutre, but what's a blog without pictures ;)

And it fits! So i tried it several times during knitting, and late last night i casted off! This morning i gave it a soak, i used a sample of Wrapture soap with a jasmin scent.

The yarn is vintage and has a bit off a  stuffy smell, and this morning when it was soaking in the Jasmin scented bath. Those 2 smells combined, and in my head there was a picture of an elderly lady with a jasmin perfume in an old room full of little things and embellishments, drinking  tea and offcourse loads of cats..
I'm not sure i really liked this smell...


  1. oooh, doe je dan wel je vest aan morgen? alvast heeeeeel veel plezier he :) en succes met de zoektocht. Dat geeft voldoening, als je een duidelijk doel voor ogen hebt. Ook als je het niet vindt. Veel plezier!

    1. Haha ja er moeten alleen nog knoopjes en natuurlijk heb ik niet 5 dezelfde die erbij passen, dus toch maar 5 verschillende in dezelfde kleur vanavond erop maken. Komt goed hoor morgen, ik begrijp dat jij er niet bij bent :( nadenkend jij gaat ws naar de algemene vergadering volgende week... ook leuk :)

  2. Ooohhh meid wat mooi! Wat heb je dat snel gedaan op die dunne naalden! Prachtig, ik wil dat ook eens gaan doen: top down.

    1. Haha ja er zitten heel wat avonduurtjes breien in. Top down is leuk hoor, t fijne is dat je kunt passen en meteen kunt aanpassen mocht t nodig zijn.

  3. Je vestje is prachtig en zit als gegoten.
    Ik heb je van afstand zitten te bewonderen


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