Wednesday, March 25, 2015

knitting event

It's a grey rainy day overhere, my oldest is at a birthday party and the youngest is playing with her playmobil. So i little time to write a new blog.

Offcourse i want to tell you about De Brei en Haakdagen, the knitting event i visited last saturday. I left home quite early had the train to myself, or well this little part anyhow!

I got there easy, the venue was familiar, when i was younger i was into dollhouses and minerals we went to  shows there. It's very large, but everything is dark, the walls the floor, and very bright lights.

Soon i saw familiar faces, a ravelry friend who was busy choosing colors shetland yarn for a new project with colorfull sheep.
Soon after that my sister and niece arrived also. At 10 am was the opening, we put down our bags at the coffee corner where already some ravelry friends were knitting.

It wasn't very crowded so we walking around looking at all the booths.


A few weeks earlier there was another creative event, so some vendors didn't have enough stock to go this event to. I really missed some familiar faces. At first i didn't buy anything, so we went to the coffee corner, so much fun seeing so many ravelry friends!! And i had some swaps with people, oh i got such lovely things!


This are my swaps, exept the fiberbraid, that one i bought from a destash, it's a merinomsilk blend dyed by passe partout on ravelry. And the white yarn is a glitter lace i got from my sister as a birthday present!

A special alcoholic beverage from Ameland a handmade project bag made by PaarseTulp at ravelry. A skein of posh sock yarn, 2 skeins of cascade fingering, 5 skeins of shilasdair luxery blend, and panda sockyarn dyed by luluyarns a shop on etsy that seems to be closed now.

Later that day we walked around again, i bought some glow in the dark fiber at bart and francis, to go with my glow in the dark spindle from turtlemade on etsy.
Oh and some spinning fiber, i thougt it was merino, in pastel colours.


and i bought some more...


2 more skeins of cascade 220 fingering, 10 x 10 grams of shetland wool, cute little cakes :)

I had a lovely day, just relaxing, enjoying a day without the children, surrounded by spinning and knitting and yarn... and seeing so many ravelry friends again.

My search for the perfect ochre yarn failed.... i did search, but i couldn't find it. Maybe i have to collect my onion peels again i try to dye it myself...

I already started spinning this braid is a thin single, that's going to be navajo plied..... bit i'm very very tempted to start knitting a shawl with the cascade.... oooh choices....

Last but not least some close ups of what i got and bought...

Oh and the credits off the pictures go to Esselin, a friend on ravelry who is much more skilled in taking pictures.. thanks again!!


  1. Fun to see our glitter lace! We can help you with ochre for sure with the landscapes dyes. Find our website and email on the card attached to your glitter lace.
    Gtrz Eva

  2. Erg mooie spulletjes! En de foto's geven een goede indruk. Dankjewel!


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