Monday, January 19, 2015

cute as a button

Oops, i'm afraid i forgot about blogging... again. January is the time off new starts so i'll give it go. I wanted to show a project a did a while ago together with my girls. It's really simple and the result is amazing. It all started on pinterest, so many great ideas can be found there.
Well one day i came across a button tree, it was so lovely i wanted to try to make something alike.

You don't need much:
  • Canvas board
  • Colorfull buttons
  • Simple clear all purpose glue
  • Brush
  • Brown acrylic paint

I started actually with out-lining the tree with pencil, just to be sure because my dyeing skills aren't that good developed. After i was pleased with the shape i painted it.

My girls enjoyed themselves sorting buttons by color, i have a big box full of buttons, some of my mom and grandmother, some bought, swapped... the girls task was to find purple,blue,green,yellow,orange,red and pink buttons.
They did a great job!

The trees i found on pinterest had all colors together, i thought it would also look good to keep the colors seperated so we made a rainbow tree.
 Each  branch got it's own color.
We just glued the buttons on the canvas
And we ended up with a colorfull family piece of art!

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