Friday, January 30, 2015


I love vintage, retro, old fashioned or whatever you call it. I love browsing second-hand shops. Maybe it's something i inhereted from my mother and grandmother, my mom also likes secondhand shops, and my grandmother loved auctions. And i admit both my girls really like going to second hand shops. And well you never know what you're going to find.
A few years back i found a woolwinder for 2 euros, in the kitchen equipment area, cleary they didn't know what it was.

And i just found a great television program with Kirstie Allsopp.
A British program called, Kirstie's fill your house for free.

Each episode they try to give someone new furniture for free, using websites or house clearances, or they make it from left over material.
It really is inspiring to see what people can make with some imagination! And intresting to see how much people throw away! I wish i could watch those great shows (kirstie has a lot off great programs) , but channel 4 is only for british viewers i'm afraid.

It sure makes one look different at all that ''old stuff''. And how i would love to try and make something if i had more space and more tools.
Allthough i don't think my husband would agree with a couch made from a wooden pallet and cushions made from a matras.

But i wanted to show you a vintage bargain i found online... almost 3 pounds of pure wool yarn! For only ten euro's.
Wednesday i recieved the package. It was a lot!! And it's in a lovely condintion, even though it's quite old. Part of the skeins are from the dutch woolfederation, which still exist. But stopped selling yarns in the 1950's.
The other brand wis Leithen, also a dutch company. The other skeins didn't have a label. It's almost all sockyarn weight. I have a lot of ideas what it can become.

Oh and a small update on my bag, i made a new design, tuesday night  our youngest hardly slept due to an ear ache, so i loads of knitting time. And the next morning?? I frogged it, it didn't turned out how i wanted it to be. I can't say what was wrong with it... only that i didn't liked it.

So i started over...


  1. Wat is dat een geweldige vondst! Waar heb je dat gevonden? Mooie wol voor de Zeeuwse deken.....Wat ga je er van breien?

  2. Ik kwam het op marktplaats tegen Willy.heel toevallig want meestal is het aanbod katoen en acryl. Denk niet dat het genoeg is voor een deken hoor.... maar mocht ik wat tegen komen zal ik aan je denken!!


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