Saturday, January 24, 2015


Yesterday it was a beautifull day, cold and foggy...

We got on a train to visit my parents, beautifull to watch the frozen fields and trees pass by. My mom missed the girls so we planned to stay the night. The next morning we would visit a yarnshop, and after that we would catch the train back home.


I even got the chance to work on a new pair of socks for myself, i got this lovely regia yarn (astrocolor fische) from Sinterklaas, and for me socks are perfect train projects, and we travel a lot by train since we sold our car about 2 years ago. And socks are easy to take a long. And well it's also entertaining for other travellers it seems, people watch, point, talk and sometimes even ask what i'm doing??


We had a lovely afternoon, the girls playing with cousins and a lot of catching up with the family! A quiet evening, the girls tucked up in bed, and  we watched an new episode of midsommer murders.

When we woke up this morning we had a fun surprise, it had snowed!!! Actually it was still snowing.


 After a breakfast the girls hurried outside to make a snowman and have a snowball fight!!


Later that morning we went to Driebergen, i loved the drive. There is something magical about a snowy forest! It's so beautifull, and everytime i'm there it reminds me of how much i miss those woods is a yarnshop called  Trollenwol, it specialised in scandinavian yarns. My birthday was in december, and my mom suggested it could pick out my own present in that shop.  It's a very nice shop, lots of yarn and fiber, idea's and patterns.

The people who work there are very welcoming and helpfull!

I really wanted to get some yarn to knit a bag, i found a big kisslock frame for a bag on etsy. And in my head i had an idea to knit a fair isle bag. At the shop they had cute little cake's of yarn, their own brand of shetland wool!
I also wanted some lang mille colori, i knew they sold Lang yarns, but i could find that specific yarn. But they told me they didn't sell that anymore because the source of the merino wool in this specific yarn was from Australia. And it was unsure if the sheep were mulesed. So decided to stop selling it.
Good informed shop!!!

Picking colors, is not easy,,i had some color scheme in my head, but that didn't work... so this is what my mum and i put together..
Warm oranges and browns with teals and aqua's. The colors in the picture's are a bit off...

12 little cakes of 25 grams of trollenwol.


I haven't decided on a pattern yet... i probably will browse ravelry tonight for a bit.

I wish you all a very nice weekend!!

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