Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Remember last week.... when i thought my friends would come over for some knitting and catching up... and i realised i was a week early.
Well today they did came, it was a nice afternoon, seeing each other new projects and yarns and just talking with cups of tea and coffee.

Almost 5 years ago we met for the first time, and since then meet very reguarly.
Lieke was very enthusiastic about the cookies we were serving, she put them on a plate and handed them out.... all those colors of the macarons are very appealing offcourse, we had salted caramel, vanilla, passionfruit and strawberry.
And french lemon cookies we buy at a local store with only French products.

One of my friends went on a trip to Washington, and visited a yarnshop. And she bought us an amazing skein of MadelineTosh.
Tosh Sock in the colorway Modern Fair isle, it has all kind off flecks of color. It's sooo soft. I'm definitely not knitting socks from it, such great yarn i don't want to use for socks so i'm looking for a shawl pattern for these 360 meters of merino yarn.

I do wonder how they did dye this yarn, it looks quite festive!!

Last week i got mail from the USA, that's something which not happens very often. It turned out to be my prize!
In december and january there was a challenge at the spindle mania group on ravelry, we had to pick a book and choose a fiber (batt, roving, rolags) which represented the book. And then offcourse spin it.

I spun this BFL fiber on my Enid Ashcroft Midge spindle, a match to this book

And knitting this shawl from it...

And even won a prize, how amazing is that!  i didn't know what my prize would be until it arrived.... tadadadadaa
4 handmade stitchmarkers! From this shop. Inspired on Lord of the rings it seems :)

Oh and last but not least i made a start with my fair isle bag... i made up a pattern and decided on the colors... but that can change during knitting..
I wanted to make a pattern for 18 stitches, and couldn't find anything.

well that's all folks... i'm going to spend this evening knitting...

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  1. Wat een leuke update. 5 jaar alweer - jeetje!

    je hebt ons een heleboel niet laten zien: je shawl en je prijs. Gefeliciteerd en je bent een heel terechte winnaar!

    groetjes, Anne-Lies --- en volgende keer je shawl niet vergeten te laten zien!


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