Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Today it was cold overhere, with a chilly wind, but we did went for a walk, ending up in a playground closeby. Enjoying the fresh crisp air!

Returning home i found a few flat stones, for a while now i wanted to try painting some stones. I'm not very well with a brush, but i do enjoy it. And that's more important i've been told.

So when i put the girls to bed this evening i spend a little while painting, not with a proper paintbrush, it was a bit to thick, the best i could find in the girls painting stuff. And simple white waterbased hobby paint.

But i still enjoyed it! I want more rocks!! Maybe i should go looking tommorrow... no idea where yet...

I did some more painting this afternoon, my husband thinks i'm going a bit crazy.... a painted our couch! But more on that tommorrow.

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