Tuesday, January 20, 2015


This morning my oldest went to school, the youngest to her playgroup, and i spend my morning alone..... cleaning. After the holidays and all of us being sick i was a bit behind with the household chores.
And when you're alone you get much more done! So i gave the livingroom kitchen hallway and toilet a good cleaning and clearing ;) Not something i normally do one my one morning alone each week, but it felt good! A bit like a spring cleaning crammed into one morning!

Last weekend we went to the gardencenter where we bought some material to make a spring decoration, and some bulbs... together with the girls helping we made 2 pieces. We used pieces of grape branches,  iron wire, and some hot glue to stick some moss on the branches and some dried pinecones and other little bitts.

They look so lovely!
Can't wait for all the bulbs to flower, Lieke choose a hyacinth with red flowers called Jan Bos.
It gives the room a bit of a spring feeling. 


Josanne really really really liked this tulips, bright and happy and colorfull. So we bought them, she carried them home and put them in the vase herself. Such a responsibility!!

But i was telling you about the cleaning, well i also did that because this afternoon my knitting friends would come for a visit. So brought the oldest to school, hurried back, made coffee. Put some delicious lemoncookies on a plate and Lieke and i waited... and waited...
And then somehow it dawned on me, we were meeting on the 27th.... eehm today isn't the 27th! I wrote it down on the calender on the wrong day!
So now i have an enourmous amount of coffee to drink myself! But that gives me an oppertunity to show off my new mug! I got it for my birthday from my husband. A great find at Mark & Spencers, they just opened a store close to where he works.  It has owls on it!! Colorfull owls :)

So now i'm writing this blog, sipping my coffee and nibbling on a cookie. I say an afternoon well spend, actually i would enjoy a visit from my friends more, but that will happen next week!

Well i guess i'm going to crochet a few rows on my rainbow blanket before we have to cycle to school....

Have a great day!!

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