Friday, May 9, 2014

Am content. Today we had a lovely day at home after all those days away. The girls and i definitely needed a quiet day! This morning started with cleaning and clearing, because my knittingfriends came. After being sick and not feeling up to do household chores and being away a few days it was quite a mess. But my friends arrived and we had a cup of coffee with a lovely appelcake made by my niece. We had a lovely morning, catching up on our projects and life. We see each other every couple of weeks for 4 years now! I always love our meetings! After that the girls watched a movie and i spent a while on pinterest and sewed some granny squares together.

During that time, we had lots of rain and wind and thunder!! But you know what they say... after rain comes sunshine, so we spend a lovely sunny time in the garden, cleaning the guinea pigs castle, playing, cleaning the shells we collected on the beach on tuesday. And i removed some branches from our lilactree, they had no flowers or leaves. One of those branches got a second life indoors ;) we wanted a branch to decorate, and this was the most perfect branch!! We already put our little birdies in it.

I also did some ahopping today, on etsy i found a shop Alienstoatdesigns owned by Ruth who sells amazing beach finds!! You know i told about the seaglass? Well she collects and sells seaglass!! She has a wonderfull collection of colors. I bought seafoam colors and greens and goldenbrowns. She is very quick and had already send the package my way. So hopefully by the end of next week i can see my seaglass treasures! Blush blush i did bought more... 13 colors of stylecraft DK, i've read great things about this yarn. And what i love even more it has a wide range of colors. Most acryllic yarns that are sold overhere are very limited in their colors. So i was happy when someone on ravelry told they also sell it overhere in the netherlands. If everything goes well it will be delivered tommorrow!!!! Yay!!! My knittingfriend asked me if i could make a orifrice hook for her husband spinningwheel, so somewhere next week i hope to find some time to play with my lathe again!! So i wish you a wonderfull weekend!! As colorfull as my new glass little vases i bought at the secondhand shop, they are do happy!!

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