Friday, May 23, 2014

am lucky

Last mondaynight just before getting to bed, i noticed my wallet was missing.... oh no!!! I turned the whole house upside down, bit it was nowhere to be found. So it was either stolen or lost... next morning i went looking, went to the store i visited last, i called the bank to block my accounts. I hate the feeling of something is lost, i keep looking untill i will find it. But in this case i couldn't find. Out of frustration i started cleaning out my kitchen cupboards. But suddenly the phone rings, and there is a lady from cityhall, asking if i lost anything? A man found my wallet (in the middle of the night!!) and brought it there. Even my 10 euro's where in it, all my cards, my driverslicence!! It made me sooooo happy and thankfull for that honest person!

Later that dat my knitting friend came by with her husband, they asked if i could make a orifricehook for his spinning wheel. I made 3 different ones on my lathe, so he could choose wich one he liked best. I'm afraid i forgot to take a picture, so i can't show you!

But while my friend was here, my package arrived. My tax money returned so i thought that was a nice reason to buy some more stylecraft dk yarn. And oh a wonderfull BIG box arrived from this webshop wich sells this yarn cheaper then other shops i found. But it's even more fun to have a friend around when you're opening a box full of yarn!! And oooh all those colors!!!

Oh and the roses we bought on the market, opened lovely... and i finished my little flat circle...

And i really like the idea of making a crochet blanket, i really like the ripple design of lucy from attic24 but before making a whole blanket, i started with a cushion cover.

And easy to take a long on fishing trips :)

And yes that did catch fish, loads of little small ones, a few snails and little critters from the water. And had loads of fun!!

So with all that new yarn i am definitely going to make a blanket for on the couch. But first i need to finish my cushion cover!

Have a nice weekend everyone!!


  1. Oohh meid, wat heb je weer een gezellig blog geschreven. Ja, dat was toeval dat ik er was toen die mooie wol bezorgd werd en ja, dat is gewoon het leukst als er dan iemand bij je zit die dat ook kan waarderen. Een ander zou er naar kijken en denken: wat moet je daar toch in vredesnaam mee!
    Je bent al een heel stuk op weg, lekker met de meiden naar buiten en haken maar. Heerlijk, Life is a party if you want to!

  2. O ja, ik zal je een foto sturen van de 3 orifricehooks.


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