Saturday, May 10, 2014

Am feeling yarn-ish, wich isn't a real word, but i'm very happy with the arrival of a large package of yarn! Stylecraft Special double knit actually, it feels amazing, not acryllic at all, and the shades are beautifull, i'm so happy with it!! I just picked 13 colors i really liked... look aren't they the most lovely happy fresh colors!!

I finished my little happy balls for our happy tree! The design is from Lucy from attic24. Just little fun projects to make with leftover yarn, or in my case with these cute little balls of cotton, 5 for €1,29.

I definitely have to buy more buttons, i looked trough my box of buttons, but there aren't much smaller colorfull ones left. I did manage to find some. Hopefully the action will have them in stock again soon!

I got my mothersday gift from my husband a bit early, he wanted to buy me very expensive (and i admit very very delicious) chocolates, but i didn't want him to spend so much money! So we decided to get very delicious pasta at our favorite shop. We also got olives and onions in balsamic vinegar and dates filled with creamcheese. And we just had an amazing dinner!! We did save the dates for tonight. I did buy happy flowers on the market, gerbera's, 10 of them, but both my girls got their own flower from the lady in the flower stall, so now we have 12 and all those colors make me feel happy even though it's been a very wet day!

And now i'm going to get my new yarn and a needle and atart on the cover for my milkingstool and watch/listen to the european songfestival!

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