Saturday, May 17, 2014

Need some happiness! This last week wasn't a very happy one. So i was really in need for some relaxing crochet... and even more, happy colors to lift the spirit. So i made a cover for our quite boring lamp... from a plain white lamp, to this rainbow flower lamp. Very easy to make, and for the cheerfullness added all kinds and colorfull flowers.

The girls love it a lot, my husband only said it was colorfull, that could be interpreted positive?! It's very eye catching indeed.

Today it was lovely weather, full of sunshine and quite warm to. so in the morning we went to the market in the city, where i bought this beautifull flowering plant. It was cheap, and pink, so my oldest daughter said it was perfect!

We also decided to buy some roses, delicate pink, with a hint of green, they are not fully in bloom yet... so i will make pictures later this week. They smell divine!! And that for only €2,50! Most roses you buy, don't have a delicious rose smell, and these do, so i have gave them a place next to my chair, so i will be sniffing a lot the next couple of days. I remember my grandparents had a lovely pink rose bush next to their front door. It too smelled sooo good, to bad we always used the backdoor.

We endend up at Doppio we sat outside sipping coffee, or in my case a Chai tea latte, and my husband ordered a lovely cheesecake and a chocolate truffel cake!! So we had a little party in the sun! With some imagnition we were back in Paris (we spent there our last holiday before the girls were born there). That vacation we drank lots of coffee and just enjoyed watching all the people walking by and our surroundings

In the afternoon the girls had a lovely time in the garden, cathing bugs, playing with sand and water (best toys ever!!)so i joined them with some crocheting. I made this happy little string of little triangles! Designed by Lucy from attic24

Oh and our seaglass arrived!!! But i will tell you more about that in another blog!


  1. Wat een leuke kleuren en wat een productie! Hartstikke leuk! Het leven is een feest alleen moet je zelf de slingers ophangen, dat heb jij letterlijk gedaan met die mooie kleurige bloemetjes. Leuk!

    1. Ja maar haken gaat ook best heel snel. En ik vind dit garen echt heerlijk werken. En al die kleurtjes zijn heerlijk vrolijk. Ha en de meiden vinden alles wat ik nu maak nu geweldig :)


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