Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Am happy! Just had a lovely day at the beach with my girls. We enjoyed running around watching the waves and looking for seashells! We also were on the lookout for seaglass, i love how that looks and have a few creative ideas for it. But nothing to be found, so i will have to take a look on Etsy, you might never know what hidden treasures you can find there! We did find lots of beautifull shells, we decided to put them in a nice dish so we can think back on a nice sandy day. When i was a kid we only went once or twice a year to the beach, and now i live quite close so i'm planning more of these outings, when it's nice but not very warm weather, cause i'm not a big fan of crowded beaches. Having a sandwich with this view is priceless!!

And speaking of sandwiches, when we got home we recieved a box with my new melanine plates and salad bowl, some of it is from greengate, it sure is beautull!! I will make a picture soon... but tonight all i will do is sit on the couch and sort my granny squares and maybe stitch a few together.

Being outdoors all day makes person tired :) Untill the next time

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