Thursday, May 8, 2014

Am home again. Yesterday morning my girls and i travelled by train to my parents for two days. My parents still live in the lovely small town i grew up. And how i would love to live there again. I love walking around, seeing the beautifull nature, familiar places and faces. Something i still miss after already living 8 years in the big city now. Like we went to get some eggs at a farm and when we drove away in the next field we saw five deer grazing, in the middle of the day. I love those moments!! We had great fun visiting some secondhand shops! I bought some wonderfull colorfull vases!! I will make a picture soon! We also went to buy the girls new klompen (wooden shoes) the ones from last year got to small, they both picked pink ones. I really enjoy it, they love to wear them, and they're the only girls i ever did see wearing klompen in our city.

I was on the look out for a small milking stool, but i couldn't find one. So i asked my mother if she would look when she was at a secondhand shop. But my dad said he could make me one. We did bought a rake and used that to make the three legs :) i want to crochet a round cushion on it. We also went for a walk in the evening, with some cousins. We had great fun and saw a geese family

And a beautifull pink flowering chesnut tree

And this vibrant Rhododendron bush!

Tomorrow morning my 2 knitting friend come visit again, i'm really looking forward to that!! For now only one more picture, cause i'm a little homesick ;) this are the windows in my parents house, i really love them, looking at them brings so many great memories!!

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