Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I remember reading about seaglas online, i was immediately interested! I admit i'm a bit of a magpie, i love to search for colorfull things. The idea you could find all these colorfull pieces of glass on the beach made my heart jump. When the girls and i visited the beach a few weeks ago we spent quite some time looking for nice shells and we would have loved to find seaglass, but i don't think we have it here...

So i was very happy when i found out there were several etsy shops selling seaglass finds. My daughter and i searched, and we ended up at this shop i ordered small pieces, seafoam colors, a bag of brown ocre colors and greens. They arrived very quick, send on saturday and it arrived on tuesday! Oh and opening those packages was so much fun... a lot of oooh's and aaah's.. there was also an extra bag with colorfull pieces as a gift! I have some great ideas with them.. but for now we enjoyed all the pieces, admired them, stacking them...

And then we got some oil and rubbed that onto our seaglas, even the youngest helped with this special job!! And now it really looks like little pieces of crystal!

I time i hope i can make the ideas i have with this glass pieces, found some great ideaa on pinterest. For now we enjoy the pieces and dream about the future, when we hope to spend a vacation in the united kingdom, hopefully close to the seaside ;)


  1. Ooohh, dat is mooi. Heb even gegoogled; je kan er dus heel veel kanten mee op. Mocht je er sieraden van willen maken wordt ik je eerste klant hoor! Mooi!

    1. Nou sieraden gaan t ben ik bang niet worden, wil er een woort hanger voor t raam van maken en nog iets met fijn draad en een haaknaald,,,maar op etsy staan wel veel winkeltjes die sieraden ervan verkopen!

  2. Erg mooi - heb ik ook wel eens verzameld op een strand. Maar met die mooie foto's ziet het het er erg mooi uit! gr. Anne-Lies

  3. They do look like little jewels after the oil treatment! Love it :-)


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