Monday, May 12, 2014

Need a rainbow! Yay i finished the cover for the milkingstool my dad made for me!! It looked like this

And with my new yarn (stylecraft special DK) i made this rainbow cover. I just made a flat circle with HTR's, and it gives such a great look on the stool... i'm doubting about giving our lamp the same cover... it's now quite boring plain white...

And now my little happy stool looks like this!

I promised to make some pictures of my new melamine salad bowl and the first plates of hopefully a big collection of colorfull plates and bowls and cups and... oh well... first i have to find a moneytree in the garden :)
I do have a coffee set from RICE, but i forgot to make a picture of it... coming soon i promise!
The bowl and green plates are from green gate, the blue ones are brandless. And don't you agree a sandwich does taste nicer from a plate like this!

Have a nice day!!!!


  1. Wow, de melkkruk is goed gelukt! Je bent lekker met kleuren bezig. Leuk!

    1. Ja ben er zelf ook erg blij mee :) lekker vrolijk!


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